About Us.

Where did it all begin?

We love it when children look and feel wonderful. Jake and Joy was brought to life with this in mind.

We like to see children wearing bright, fun clothing that is best for their skin, durable, and environmentally friendly. We particularly like designs that are non-gender specific, they tend to be the most funky and creative and can be handed down to younger siblings regardless of gender! 

We like internet shopping, we do a lot ourselves. So using all our personal experience, our likes and dislikes we have created our fuss-free online shop for busy people everywhere! No account is required, no password to remember, minimal tabs, a single customer care form for all enquiries, standardised shipping (£3.99) and simple navigation. It really couldn’t be easier!

Everyone Is Happy...

All our childrenswear must be ethically produced from 100% organic materials and of the highest quality – that way you’re happy, you’re children are happy and so are we!

Organic cotton is not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These substances are harmful to those involved in their production and our wildlife system. Wearing cotton that is free of these toxins is better for our skin and the lives we share our planet with.

Cotton is mass produced across our planet and yet only a small fraction is grown organically – but it is increasing! By shopping at Jake and Joy you are helping that increase to grow and decrease the harm caused by the use of dangerous chemicals.

Knowing that our clothing has been produced without harming the environment is important to us. We go further, some of our suppliers – like Little Green Radicals – also have Fairtrade status which means that everyone in the food chain is treated fairly – farmers are paid a guaranteed price for their cotton and factory workers receive a fair wage, good working conditions and benefits such as maternity pay.

Jake and Joy believe that if everyone changed a little bit, our world will change a lot!

Spring/ Summer 2018